Family Medicine Associates is committed to providing secure, quality service to all our patients via the Internet using the services of our online communication portal providers, now Medent's Patient Portal.

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Phone: 607-277-4341
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Our New Online Patient Portal
We think this will greatly improve your experience with us....we'll be giving you an activation code either verbally or in print, so ask us about this today! Once you receive an activation code, sign up here. Relay Health users will need to register for Patient Portal to communicate with us; we are no longer using Relay Health.
Learn what the Patient Portal can do for you!
See upcoming and previous appointments, and cancel appointments online.

View your current medications, ask for medication refills online, and get an automated message that they have been sent to a pharmacy.
Request to add or remove allergies, make a request to update/remove medications if they are not working, and request to add medications by external providers.  These requests will be reviewed by the practice.
Make address/phone/demographic changes to your patient account. These requests will be reviewed by the practice.
Change your preferred pharmacies
Send messages securely to the office, whether it's a billing question or a referral question.
View and download/print your chart summary - including lab results, immunizations, family/social history, medications, problem lists, and allergies, amongst others.
You'll be able to:
You can opt-in to e-statements (and discontinue paper statements) as well as pay your bill online.
Click on the blue
Medent Portal icon to log-in or <<Register for the FIRST time
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