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Family Medicine
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After an initial consultation to discuss any behavioral health issues the patient may have, our providers will assess the patient and make a recommendation to either treat the patient within the practice or to refer him/her to a qualified specialist that can provide the best counseling and treatment.  

Common mental health conditions treated by Family Medicine Associates providers include: 
The practice integrates partially with behavioral health care to provide patient services.  Family Medicine Associates process for patients presenting with behavioral healthcare issues is: 
marital stress
parenting difficulties
stress related to health problems
As with all other specialist referrals, our providers will stay in communication with the specialists to provide for quality coordination of care for the patient. 

Family Medicine Associates refers behavioral health issues to the Mental Health Association of Tompkins County.

However, patients will be notified that if they are ever concerned that the emotional issues the patient is facing are severe enough to risk suicide or injury to self or others, they should seek immediate medical attention at an emergency facility or call 911
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Behavorial Health