At Family Medicine, we believe that good health and good care are the result of patients and physicians working together.

FMA is a certified Patient Center Medical Home where patients deserve quality care and a personal relationship with their health care provider.

FMA's status as a PCMH means we have succeeded in providing this level of care. We take your family's health to heart! To learn more about FMA's status as a PCMH, click here.
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Dr. Lloyd A. Darlow
Welcome Nicole Serrano & Emily Williams 
Nicole Serrano, Nurse Practitioner

Please help us welcome Nicole Serrano, Family Nurse Practitioner, to Family Medicine Associates. Nicole was asked to join the practice after demonstrating a particularly high level of skill during her internship here. Nicole grew up in Hamilton, New York and says she fell in love with Ithaca when she would vacation here with her family. Very much an academic, after she graduated high school, she took time off to live and study in Brazil before college. She obtained her Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and then decided to stay in the area when she started working at Cayuga Medical Center. While continuing at CMC Critical Care, she obtained her BSN from Utica College which was followed by her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Frontier Nursing University. Nicole spent much time here at Family Medicine Associates as a Nurse Practitioner intern. She continues to work toward her doctoral degree at Frontier. Nicole says she is thankful to Ithaca for guiding her, and helping her to grow into the professional she has become. She is excited at the prospect of giving back, and looks forward to being your partner on your healthcare journey.
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Family Medicine Associates is committed to providing secure, quality service to all our patients via the Internet using Medent's Patient Portal.

We think this will greatly improve your experience with us....we'll be giving you an activation code either verbally or in print, so ask us about this today! Once you receive an activation code, sign up here. Relay Health users will need to register for Patient Portal to communicate with us; we are no longer using Relay Health.
You'll be able to:
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Request to add or remove allergies, make a request to update/remove medications if they are not working, and request to add medications by external providers.  These requests will be reviewed by the practice.
Make address/phone/demographic changes to your patient account. These requests will be reviewed by the practice.
Change your preferred pharmacies
Send messages securely to the office, whether it's a billing question or a referral question.
View and download/print your chart summary - including lab results, immunizations, family/social history, medications, problem lists, and allergies, amongst others.
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Nicole Serrano, Nurse Practitioner
Emily Williams, Nurse Practitioner

We are pleased to announce that Emily Williams, Nurse Practitioner, will be joining Family Medicine Associates of Ithaca on August 7th! Emily has been in our community working at Convenient Care since 2009 and is now looking forward to filling a different medical role at our practice. Emily says she and her family love Ithaca and have no plans of leaving. Emily earned her graduate degree at Yale University. She grew up in Minneapolis and did her internship in Boston. We welcome her skillful, compassionate expertise and believe she will be a valuable asset to this practice, and to the community at large.
Emily Williams, Nurse Practitioner
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